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"Also notable is Francesca Di Cesare's seamless direction. Every move in the piece contributes to the story and characters without feeling staged or contrived." - Weber.

Scar Tissue

By Victoria Fragnito; Directed by Francesca Di Cesare; Produced by Match:Lit; Pete's Candy Store, Lorimer Street.

Time does not heal all wounds.


Best friends Jessica and Sam each have scars from their pasts that have never quite healed. Jessica has never been able to get past an extremely damaging relationship from her formative years in college, while Sam has been ignoring a painfully fractured relationship with her sister. After years of denial, they are both forced to confront these wounds head-on. The only way they can begin to heal is to face what they didn't want to see - and they cannot do that without each other.

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The C*nt

By Elle Anhorn; Directed by Francesca Di Cesare; Produced by Spicy Witch Productions; Off Off Broadway, New Adaptation; Runs through 9.26.15; The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street

by Sarah Weber on 9.24.15

BOTTOM LINE: A thoughtful comedy about love, sex, and bending the rules that govern both.


This fall Spicy Witch Productions is pairing their production of The Country Wife with Elle Anhorn’s adaptation, The C*nt. In this reimagining of William Wycherley’s restoration comedy, Anhorn explores modern dating conventions and just how much they have (or haven’t) changed over time.

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Wrong Number

By Nedra Pezold Roberts; Directed by Francesca Di Cesare; Produced by Hudson Shakespeare Company.

Meet the Director!

October 15, 2016

Time is flying by in rehearsals for WRONG NUMBER and we are excitedly preparing, rehearsing and working to get this show up and ready for an audience.  And we are ever so grateful to the lady leading the charge - our director Francesca Di Cesare.  Francesca is no stranger to working with new plays - nor is she a stranger to Nedra or WRONG NUMBER.  In fact, Francesca loved WRONG NUMBER so much that she wanted to develop it further and work on it a second time.  Learn more here, and check out some pics from rehearsals!

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The Cuntry Wife – Spicy Witch Productions’ Fall Season

By Elle Anhorn; Directed by Francesca Di Cesare; Produced by Spicy Witch Productions.


The C*nt, our world premiere adaptation of The Country Wife, is the culmination of our yearlong writer-in-residence program, created to support an emerging female playwright. Inspired by The Country Wife, The C’nt examines how the rules of relationships have changed in a world where women have more sexual freedom than Restoration England.

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