Oliver! was performed at the Hayward Theatre, in February, 2011.

Photo Credits: Francesca Di Cesare

Oliver (Luke Bennett).

Mr. Bumble (Mark Jackson), Widow Corney (LaToyah McKenzie).

Widow Corney (La-Toyah McKenzie).

Fagin (George Stuart).

Fagin (George Stuart), The Artful Dodger (Harry Castle).

Fagin's Gang.

Fagin (George Stuart), Oliver (Luke Bennett).

Fagin's Gang.



Dodger (Harry Castle).

Nancy (Elisabeth Howells), Bet (Frances Carter).

Dodger (Harry Castle), Nancy (Elisabeth Howells).


Ensemble: Oom-Pah-Pah.

Bet (Frances Carter), Oliver (Luke Bennett).

Fagin (George Stuart), Bill Sykes (George Chatham).

Nancy (Elisabeth Howells).

Fagin (George Stuart).

Dodger (Harry Castle), Fagin (George Stuart).

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